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Rue Haute, 314

1000 Brussels


(Spain, 1928-)

Originally, from Spain, Carles-Tolra moved to Zurich at the age of 30 where, self-taught, he embarked on art after discovering the writings of Jean Dubuffet. Encouraged by the latter, with whom he maintained an important correspondence, he started drawing at night after his work as a civil servant for the Red Cross.

Ignacio Carles-Tolra gradually developed a bestiary of enormous diversity, bringing together birds and other composite creatures, often endowed with multiple members, which he refers to as “creatures.” lgnacio Carles-Tolra works on impulse and in haste, often by series, consumed by a fever to be understood. “It’s anger that motivates me the most, but I have a lot of fun too,” he confesses. “I draw to heal myself from daily life.” His work may proceed by accident from a spot, scratch, print or collage.