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Women in Art Brut ?

Big names in Outsider Art as well as more confidential works are a matter of an eye – the eye of a woman, the Viennese collector Hannah Rieger, who invites us to experience “Outsider Art” her way.

Works by and portraits of women alternate in this exhibition that features 105 works by Austrian and International artists.

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels and the Austrian Federal Chancellery in the framework of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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Jean-Pierre Rostenne

"Everything is fine except everything that's going wrong"

...was the motto of Jean-Pierre Rostenne, atypical artist, poetic thinker and an essential character in a Brussels neighbourhood true to his image, the Marolles. The Art et Marges Musée plays hommage to him in a room that showcases his totem canes, assemblages, photographs and reworked objects. To complete the portrait, his friends, who have lent works for the show, talk about him in sound recordings that can be listened to at the exhibition.

We are preparing a book about Jean-Pierre Rostenne.

If you want to help us and make a donation, go to the Ulule page until the 04/11/18. ulule.com/tout-va-bien-jpr


Rencontres intergalactiques.

Although his rifles catch everyone's attention, André Robillard turns to the theme of space exploration to fuel his creativity as well. Keen interest in the cosmos and space vessels are self-evident echoes in the works of André Robbilard and Serge Delaunay on show in this exhibition.


Summer collection #3

The Summer Collection #3 exhibition showcases hidden treasures from the collection of the Art et marges musée: new acquisitions, all but forgotten works, favourites and a few very colourful surprises…

Shield your eyes!

Exhibited Artists :
Malik BARFI - Thibaut BARONHEID - Umberto BERGAMASCHI - Kacper BOBEL - Anacleto BORGHI - Georges CAUCHY - Sylvain COSIJNS – COOREMAN - Philippe DA FONSECA - Eric DERKENNE - Eric DESULAUZE - Willy DE SMEDT - Curzio DI GIOVANNI - Georges DUESBERG - Paul DUHEM - Irène GERARD - Michel GOYON - Richard GREAVES - Martha GRUNENWALDT - Ioan HABACESCU - Marcel HECQUET - Jean-Marie HEYLIGEN - Juliet HOLMES - Geneviève LAFONT - Thierry LAMBERT - Françoise LAURENT - Jeanine LEJEUNE - Ezekiel MESSOU - Marion OSTER - Céléstin PIERRET - Anne-Marie POTVLIEGE - Alevtina PYZHOVA - Ardian RAMADANOVIC dit JACKSON - Kenneth RASMUSSEN - Pedro RIBEIRO - Emmanuel RIJCKMANS - André ROBILLARD - Anny SERVAIS - Dominique THEATE - Michel THOMAS - Louis VAN BAELENS - Bernard VAN DEN BOSCH - Magalie VLIES - Lenka ZELENOVIC

Guy Brunet © mariodelcurto

Guy Brunet and Josselin Pietri

They share their love for the cinema, an inexhaustible need to create and an incredible ingenuity. They both create painted and cardboard stars, but differ in their ever so personal way of appropriating the codes of the seventh art.

Guy Brunet is a filmmaker. He uses his silhouettes to make films inspired from the golden age of cinema. Josselin Pietri is a fan of Bruce Lee who delights in particular in replacing his idol with humour.

Two cinematographic periods, two styles, two visions, two... artists!

At Art et marges museum as of 9 February!

Knock Outsider Komiks

© Gabriel Evrard/La "S" Grand Atelier.

This exhibition is intended as a joyous uppercut to the established categroies. It brings together fiction, abstractions, graphical poems, creations without words, free associations of images, unlikely meetings between text and drawing... The classifications are explosing and the defintions eroding to proclaim that the comic strip is a vast playground without limits other than the inventiveness of its creators...

With works from :

Adolpho Avril, Barbara Massart, Dominique Goblet, Dominique Théâte, Gabriel Evrard, Jean Leclercq, Jean Christophe Long, Jean-Michel Bansart, Joseph Lambert, Marcel Schmitz, Nicolas Clément, Olivier Deprez, Pascal Cornélis, Pascal Leyder, Rémy Pierlot, Sarah Albert, Serge Delaunay, Thierry Van Hasselt, Yvan Alagbé.

Alone & accompanied

© Jeanne Bidlot

The works of this exhibition would undoubtedly never have seen the light of day, at least not in that form, without the setting in which they were created: an institutional collective studio or private mentoring. Each of them is the outcome of encounters, between a person with a mental or autonomy defect, and a studio supervisor, artist or accomplice – sometimes many of them together.

To what extent can artistic, psychological and educational mentoring be a catalyst for such substantially individual forms of expression?

The exhibition “alone and accompanied” combines aesthetic pleasure with reflection, intelligence and… vigilance.

With works from :

Sylvain Cosijns, Philippe da Fonseca, Véronique Declercq, Richard Moszkowicz, Pascal Tassini

Concept :

Gérard Preszow/ Assistante : Magalie Thiaude

Gustav Mesmer

Gustav Mesmer © Hartmaier und Mangold

Institutionalised since the age of 26, Gustav Mesmer (1903-1994) sketched drawings and plans from the psychiatric hospital. He devised models and developed life-sized flying machines that he tested personally. His indefatigable efforts to fly in Lauter Valley earned him the nickname “Icarus of Lautertal.” For this exhibition, many works from the Gustav Mesmer foundation (machines, original drawings, photographs, film, etc.) are on show on the two floors of the art et marges musée…

In collaboration with :

Gustav Mesmer Stiftung

Museum Dr Guislain

Save the world ?

Hans-Jörg Georgi © Axel Schneider

Design aims to heal incurable diseases, enter cities, proclaim messages of peace, arrange plans to destroy misery, and build shelters to house the population in the event of a global disaster.

Whether upset by tragic event or called by a higher force, the authors presented in this exhibition feel compelled by a mission intrinsically connected with their creativity. They all give their utmost to devise imaginary solutions to repair or save the world.

In cooperation with:

Atelier Goldstein, Collection ABCD/Bruno Decharme, La galerie christian berst art brut, La Fabuloserie, La S Grand Atelier, The Museum of Everything, Museum Dr. Guislain.

Exhibition mounted under “MULTI ORDINARY”, the inaugural edition of a festival dedicated to marginal performing arts.