(Belgium, 1956-)

In 1978, he joins the Queen Fabiola Centre in Neufvilles where he spends most of his time in the drawing and modelling studio, la Ramée. Being very observant and able to memorise countless details he copies, in his own way, his favourite subjects, i.e. cars, robots, rockets, and any other machine involving complex technology.

His drawings, made with black felt pen and rotring in ligneclaire style, are supported by texts with technical and mechanical information in which every word seems to be the flagship of the future, the source of progress. Involved with the news and events with intense media coverage, Serge reacts to it and celebrates it in his own way, with empathy and determination.

His drawings and the messages they carry constitute, in the eyes of the visitor, the many relays and traces of an often neglected everyday life. The draughtsman reminds us of our micro-dimension in the face of the space odyssey and its vastness, something the all-knowing Man undoubtedly forgot in his ignorance. Serge delights in this and finds inspiration in these (super) human adventures. To him, these creative moments are synonymous with intense and silent periods of concentration.