One Friday each month, the museum gives artists carte blanche to come and activate the unusual instrument in the exhibition: Routourne. Somewhere between wild lutherie and electric machinery, this jarring creation is based on an oversized hurdy-gurdy. Here the resonant body is crossed by three wheels to be operated with three cranks, percussive modules and microphones for singing...

Design : Maxou Bisou and Monolithe Noir, AXOSO ASBL

Info :5-6 pm on 11.06 - 09.07 - 20.08 - 10.09.2021

Booking: - all audience - FREE

CONCERTS Vin de Sprite !

On 20 August, from 5pm to 7pm, the Art et marges musée will be making its pre-entry in music with Créahm-Brussels! The evening will begin with the activation of the mythical Routourne instrument and will continue with the first concert of the group Vin de Sprite with pianist Donatien Tomandini.

It's FREE with a reservation by email at

More music and love here:
Musical direction: Antoine Loyer.


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