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Within the folds of time

Enjoy a contemplative experience that is beyond time! The defiance displayed by the exhibition Dans un pli du temps (Within a Fold of Time) invites visitors to reassess the slow movement of time. Discover works of art created with infinite patience that evolve throughout the exhibition or summon other temporalities.

The Art et marges museum offers you a port of call outside the requirements of instantaneity and contemporary profitability. Plunge deep into the meditation of these works of art that turn sensorial and temporal perceptions upside down, inviting you to feel differently.

From the seventh of October, two thousand and twenty-one to the thirteenth of March, two thousand and twenty-two, immerse yourself totally in forgetting space-time!

With works by Acharya Vyakul, Aline Forçain, André Gorgan, André Prues, Anonyme, Ardian Ramadonovic, Augustin Lesage, Cécile Todoroff, Clémence Estingoy, Daniel Timson, Didier Goetghebuer, Eric Heyters, Fanny Viollet, Françoise Maes, Franklin, Georges Widener, Jean Hendrickx, Johan Geenens, John Ryan Brubaker, Joseph Crépin Fleury, Juliette Brishoual, Juliette Zanon, Kunizo Matsumoto, Lien Anckaert, Lionel Vinche, Manon Salle, Maxence Doucet, Melvin Way, Olivier Pestiaux, Ophélie Pruvost, Pascale Deneyer, Patrick De Wit, Raphaël Lonné, Rudy Morren, Sarah Kokot, Serge Paillard, Suzanne De Slaeve, Sybille Deligne and Wolfgang Marx.

Free opening on October 7th, on reservation - face masks are mandatory. Make a reservation here

Juanma Gonzalez, © Coll. Art et marges musée


The ART AND MARGES MUSEUM takes its most beautiful sandals for a month-long exhibition in Cuba. The painted soles of the artist-cobbler Juanma Gonzalez are accompanied by some other remarkable pieces from the collection by Umberto Bergamaschi, Philippe Condylis, Sylvain Cosijns, Antonio Dalla Valle, Serge Delaunay, Paul Duhem, Martha Grünenwaldt, Jeroen Hollander, Alexis Lippstreu, André Prues, Kenneth Rasmussen, Fernanda Reyns, Daniel Sterckx, Pascale Vincke and Lenka Zelenovic.

A project supported by the Brussels-Capital Region and the Belgian Embassy in Cuba.

Eric Derochette © La S Grand Atelier


Any attempt to resist will be useless: the force of attraction produced by the works of HIGH VOLTAGE will lead you directly to the heart of the gesture.
At the intersections of the lines and wires, don't trust the fragility of the materials used, but expect intense discharges that will increase your springtime impulses.

With works by: Franco Bellucci, Heide De Bruyne, Eric Derochette, Cecile Franceus and Pol Jean.



The Art et marges museum honours outsider sound creation. Less known by public than pictorial productions, raw music is no less abundant, it touches on all styles and has managed to remain almost beyond the reach of allegedly good taste. It is through the falsely naïve medium of the love song that we invite you to dive into the singular universe of these musicians with a big heart. What could be better than love, tragic and magical, heartbreaking but happily exciting, to give voice to? Recordings, texts, album covers... give us a close-up view of what has long remained underground music.

With works by: Julien Brien, Monique Capart, Ali Demailly, Elayne Goodman, Daniel Johnston, Normand L’Amour, Jean-Luc Le Ténia, Reynols, Pascal Roussel, Maitre Selecto, Philippe Sylvanis, Petr Válek, Chuckie Williams.

The exhibition closes with Routourne, a combination of wild lutherie and electric fiddling, this explosive creation is based on an oversized hurdy-gurdy. Its resonant body is crossed by three wheels to be operated with three cranks, percussive modules and microphones for singing...
Design: Maxou Bisou and Monolithe Noir, AXOSO ASBL.


The Art et marges museum is celebrating turning 10 – sterling opportunity to present its collection in a new light. Amassed along the rock loads and less travelled paths of art, the collection is now teaming with gems of outsider art. The museum has opened its doors to ten accomplices – artists. Fascinated by artists from the collection, they have taken over the premises. They are hell bent on bedazzling through installations, performances, sound, literary and culinary creations. Incandescent, luminous and mysterious embers, each point of view sheds new light on the collection, opening a door onto conflagration. The result is a flamboyant cake to be shared and devoured with abandon.

Artists - accomplices !

Marjorie Bonnet - Paul Duhem

Maud Dallemagne et Nicolas Belayew (Les Tontons Racleurs) – Louis Van Baelens

Sybille Deligne - George Cauchy

Julie Devigne & Adina Ionescu Muscel – Cecile Franceus

Lisa Harchies - Michel Dave

Cécile Hupin - Jeroen Hollander

François De Jonge et Rémi Lambert - Seyni Awa Camara

Sarah Kokot - Sylvain Cosijns

Sukrii Kural – Juanma Gonzalez

Caroline Lamarche

Léa Ricorday - Georges Counasse

Samuel Trenquier – Tomoaki Sakai

Le coeur au ventre

Passionate collectors, talent scouts and big hearted gallerists, Marion and L. Oster live amidst a fascinating torrent of outsider and expressionist art. This exhibition offers an unprecedented immersion into the world of these discrete collectors, by giving new life to this intriguing residence with a thousand inhabitants.

with a in situ artwork by Caroline Dahyot, and works by A.C.M, Abadne, Adam Sabhan, Aïni Philippe, Albasser Pierre, Amar Paul, Amourette Pierre, Angkasapura Noviadi, Armstrong Zebedee, Avril Armand, Azema Philippe, Babahoum, Badia, Barbarit Béatrice, Barbe-Hatuel Nicole, Barrameda, Baudelere Karl, Bauman Manuel, Beaver Larry, Ben Ali, Berquin Patricia, Birobent Martine, Blot Olivier, Bosco Giovanni, Branciard Jean, Brunet Guy, Burland Francois, Cadoré Delphine, Cahoreau Gustave, Cerredo Fabian, Chanut Danielle-Marie, Chauvet François, Chomette Virginie, Cluzel Nicolas, Comte Robin, Cooper Ronald, Corentin Sylvain, Cumingham Richard, D'antuono Barbara, Dahyot Caroline, De Sagazan Olivier, Dellschau Charles, Demelis Eric, Dereux Philippe, Dominici Véronique, Doñate Pepe, Doué Eric, Dubréus Lhérisson, Duclos Hélène, Dugnoille Myla, Duprilot Hubert, El Syrio Josvedi, Fillaudeau Noël, Finster Howard, Fleury Yves-Jules, Gallieni Jill, Gillet Lionel, Glamocak Zlatko, Golz Michael, Gordon Ted, Gougelin Eric, Goulet Marie-Thérèse, Goux Claudine, Greiner Thierry, Grunenwaldt Martha, Hinojosa Aaron, Hofer Josef, Jaber, Jacqui Danielle, Jagiello George, Jorgensen Hans, Joss, Kapela Paulo, Knopf Solange, Kumar Pradeep, La Pinturitas, Labrie Karine, Lacoste Alain, Lagnieu Hélène, Lambert Thierry, Laure Isabelle, Laurent Henri, Le Carré-Galimard Simone, Lefèvre Pierre, Liberman Cirléne, Lippstreu Alexis, Manca Bonaria, Marie Florence, Mariette, Margot Margot, Marshall Francis, Marte Daldo, Mecalco David, Michaels Damian, Mister Imagination, Monchatre François, Mond Mina, Montpied Bruno, Morel Marie, Mouly Gaston, Mustafa, Nadau Jean-Pierre, Nedjar Michel, Nitkowski Stani, Obata Masao, Oster Marion, Palmer Andrei, Park Chong-Ran, Patba58, Pelligand Bernard, Philippi Jean-Christophe, Pietquin Dimitri, Pietri Josselin, Pignat Armande, Plaza Amadeo, Plny Lubos, Podesta Giovanni Battista, Postic Evelyne, Raâk, Rae Helen, Rieux Jean-Francois, Rigal Antoine, Robert Yvonne, Robertson Royal, Robillard André, Rosset Jean, Saban Ody, Sablon Françoise, Sanders Jim, Schwanse Petra, Sendrey Gérard, Sesow Matt, Sharlhorne Welmon, St John Christopher, Staelens Ghyslaine Et Sylvain, Stroff Denis, Tanjung Ni, Tirilly Jean, Tourlonias Jean, Ughetto Henri, Ursin Catherine, Valois Marie-Françoise, Van Acker Jacqueline, Vigneau Monique, Vinsard Marcel, Vladimir, Webster Dereck, Wilson Ben, Zanon Juliette.

On the first floor, discover a selection of works from the museum's permanent collection, with: Inès Andouche, Jan Bedinsky, Georges Cauchy, Aloïse Corbaz, François De Jonge, Isabelle Denayer, Johan Geenens, Madge Gill, Martha Grunenwaldt, David Houis, Anne N’Dayiziga, Jean-Marie Mortier, André Prues, Nouzha Serroukh, Anny Servais, Jacques Trovic, André Wostijn.

Press kit [FR]

Guy Brunet © mariodelcurto

America does not exist !

(I know because I've already been there)

Inspired by a Henry Miller quote and a retort by Alain Resnais

"America does not exist. I know, I've already been there" raises the question of the place of the United States in the world and more specifically in our collective psyche. This double exhibition/publication project intends to present the United States of America through the glare of a distorting mirror: the American dream. Mathieu Morin, curator of the exhibition and author of the publication, invites you to discover some one hundred works of outsider, popular and contemporary art from the world over. Get in for a roadtrip intra muros.

Zebedee Armstrong; Richard Bawin; Klaus Beyer; Pearl Blauvelt; Denis Boudouard; Heather Copus; Jean Crié; Bridget Cronnin; Gabriel Evrard; Charles Ferguson; Howard Finster ; Giovanni Galli; Affiches de cinéma du Ghana; William A. Hall; Herman Hayes; Alexandre Heck ; Ismael Hespel; Paa Joe; Daniel Johnston; Bodys Isek Kingelez; Camille Lavaud Benito; Jean Leclercq; Karen May; James Miles; Matthieu Morin; Wilfrid Morin; Edward Nagrodzki; Melvin Edward Nelson; Martín Ramírez; Lance Rivers; Prophet Royal Robertson; William Scott; Welmon Sharlhorne; Earl Wayne Simmons; Jean Smilowski; Ichiwo Sugino; Éric Tabuchi; Ionel Talpazan; Dominique Théate; Warren Van Ess; Ricky Willis; Wesley Willis; Joseph Yoakum; Jonathan Velazquez; Julien Bancilhon

MIMA, Art et Marges Museum and CENTRALE for Contemporary Art join forces and launch a combi ticket! The combi ticket allows visitors to visit all of the 3 museums at a low price: € 15. The combi ticket can be purchased at the ticketing desk of all three museums until 05/01/20 and can be used until 02/02/20 (depending on the end date of the different exhibitions).

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We live in an era of edges. Between animal and human, tree and river, feather and skin, concrete and green, how can we find our way through? How will we confront the future, when fragile environments are collapsing? With patient actions, wild stories, surprising shares? Find the answers with the artists of the Art et marges museum, who will spread out the collection of their works on occasion of a picnic in the summer clearing.

The “picnic of works” is organised by Caroline Lamarche, author, (“Nous sommes à la lisière”, Gallimard, Goncourt's prize for short story 2019), curator on this occasion.

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Rencontres intergalactiques

Serge Delaunay and André Robillard

Although his rifles catch everyone's attention, André Robillard turns to the theme of space exploration to fuel his creativity as well. Keen interest in the cosmos and space vessels are self-evident echoes in the works of André Robbilard and Serge Delaunay on show in this exhibition.

Women in Art Brut ?

Big names in Outsider Art as well as more confidential works are a matter of an eye – the eye of a woman, the Viennese collector Hannah Rieger, who invites us to experience “Outsider Art” her way.

Works by and portraits of women alternate in this exhibition that features 105 works by Austrian and International artists.

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels and the Austrian Federal Chancellery in the framework of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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Jean-Pierre Rostenne

"Everything is fine except everything that's going wrong"

...was the motto of Jean-Pierre Rostenne, atypical artist, poetic thinker and an essential character in a Brussels neighbourhood true to his image, the Marolles. The Art et Marges museum plays hommage to him in a room that showcases his totem canes, assemblages, photographs and reworked objects. To complete the portrait, his friends, who have lent works for the show, talk about him in sound recordings that can be listened to at the exhibition.