We live in an era of edges. Between animal and human, tree and river, feather and skin, concrete and green, how can we find our way through? How will we confront the future, when fragile environments are collapsing? With patient actions, wild stories, surprising shares? Find the answers with the artists of the Art et marges museum, who will spread out the collection of their works on occasion of a picnic in the summer clearing.

The “picnic of works” is organised by Caroline Lamarche, author, (“Nous sommes à la lisière”, Gallimard, Goncourt's prize for short story 2019), curator on this occasion.

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America does not exist !

(I know because I've already been there)

Inspired by a Henry Miller quote and a retort by Alain Resnais

"America does not exist. I know, I've already been there" raises the question of the place of the United States in the world and more specifically in our collective psyche. This double exhibition/publication project intends to present the United States of America through the glare of a distorting mirror: the American dream. Mathieu Morin, curator of the exhibition and author of the publication, invites you to discover some one hundred works of outsider, popular and contemporary art from the world over. Get in for a roadtrip intra muros.

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Rencontres intergalactiques

Serge Delaunay and André Robillard

Although his rifles catch everyone's attention, André Robillard turns to the theme of space exploration to fuel his creativity as well. Keen interest in the cosmos and space vessels are self-evident echoes in the works of André Robbilard and Serge Delaunay on show in this exhibition.

Women in Art Brut ?

Big names in Outsider Art as well as more confidential works are a matter of an eye – the eye of a woman, the Viennese collector Hannah Rieger, who invites us to experience “Outsider Art” her way.

Works by and portraits of women alternate in this exhibition that features 105 works by Austrian and International artists.

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels and the Austrian Federal Chancellery in the framework of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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Jean-Pierre Rostenne

"Everything is fine except everything that's going wrong"

...was the motto of Jean-Pierre Rostenne, atypical artist, poetic thinker and an essential character in a Brussels neighbourhood true to his image, the Marolles. The Art et Marges museum plays hommage to him in a room that showcases his totem canes, assemblages, photographs and reworked objects. To complete the portrait, his friends, who have lent works for the show, talk about him in sound recordings that can be listened to at the exhibition.