Pop-up store at the Art and Marges museum

Just before the holidays, the reception of the Art et marges musée will be turned into a pop-up store stocked with jewellery, accessories, printed and recorded works at reasonable prices!

finishing of the exhibition "America does not exist!"

Festival of free access with music!

What?! The road trip exhibition devoted to American stereotypes is already finished? Not quite yet. A final touch is in store for the last day of the exhibition. Your last chance to join a guided tour, your last hope to see the works shake up on typically American tunes, etc.

One last chance to make sure America does not exist without having to fork out a single dollar!

3:00-4:00 PM: guided tour of the exhibition, on registration only:

4:00-6:00 PM: Music!

4:00 PM: American Roots String Band (workshop concert)

The American Roots String Band is the group of Muziekpublique that tampers with the traditional music of the US and Canada – the repertoire in which country and bluegrass have taken root! Old-time, Irish music from the other side of the Atlantic, high energy folk music from Quebec and tunes on the fiddle with roaring names such “Chiquapin Hunting” or “Sal’s Got Mud between her Toes” will top the bill!

4:30 PM: The Cow Girl Boy Records (DJ-set)

Dagmar Binge knows something about Country and Western music before the 1950s. From the end of the 1970s to 2008, this German lady released nearly 600 titles on labels which she created, including the Cow Girl Boy Records. Eric Kinny from Brussels recently set himself the goal of keeping these rare recordings alive. He takes us through his exploration with a DJ-set preceded by a presentation of the label and his favourite music genres. Yeeehaaa!

Free – reservation required for the guided tour only

In partnership with Arts & Publics


Adults and Higher Education

The approach of our guided tours customized for the group and open to a vulnerable public as well is to delve into the work first and then explore the artist and his or her creative context.

Children and teenagers

School and extra-curricular visits, as of 4 years of age, customized for the participants (age, level and type of education, etc.) and the context of the visit. Renewed educational material for each visit stimulates the eye and sensitivities of younger children (kindergarten, primary school), whilst interaction takes pride of place for visits by teenagers.

For all publics, info and reservation (min. 2 weeks before) :

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