Black magic and divinatory arts. The Art et marges museum will bewitch you with the exhibition Le Cœur au ventre. The Magical Amators Club will raise our daily routines to the rank of rituals with performances that revisit tooth brushing, female menstruation… (yes, you read it right!) All this along with frere tuck’s organic music. Between two performances, let Juliette Dana read your cards, and settle your accounts with fate by making a voodoo doll with ADNA studio. As for the early birds that will show up at 7pm, they will enjoy a guided tour given by the museum’s neighbors!

19:00 Guided tour Le Caria + Le 88

19:00 > 01:00 Workshop Voodoo dolls ADNA studio

19:00 > 01:00 Ask for future-card reading Juliette Dana

20:00 > 01:00 (om de 30’) Performances Daily Rituals Magical Amators Club

22:30 Music Set frere tuck

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Adults and Higher Education

The approach of our guided tours customized for the group and open to a vulnerable public as well is to delve into the work first and then explore the artist and his or her creative context.

Children and teenagers

School and extra-curricular visits, as of 4 years of age, customized for the participants (age, level and type of education, etc.) and the context of the visit. Renewed educational material for each visit stimulates the eye and sensitivities of younger children (kindergarten, primary school), whilst interaction takes pride of place for visits by teenagers.

For all publics, info and reservation (min. 2 weeks before) :

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