Pop-up store at the Art and Marges museum

Just before the holidays, the reception of the Art et marges musée will be turned into a pop-up store stocked with jewellery, accessories, printed and recorded works at reasonable prices!

Creative afternoon for children in the exhibition entitled “America does not exist!”

America does not exist! And to make sure it does not, we are going to go and see for ourselves! The entertainment starts with a tour punctuated by activities and the discovery of works featuring American clichés. Nike high-tops, the Statue of Liberty, cowboys, Indians, skyscrapers, and much more are reinterpreted by artists working more or less on the fringe. Then it is time for a workshop where we get down to work to recreate our United States, now that our tour of the exhibition has unleashed our creative forces.

For children between 6 and 12 years old (without parents)

€6 per child – Free admission with the Culture Voisins [Neighbours’ Culture] card

Reservation required: (10 places only)

finishing of the exhibition "America does not exist!" in music

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Adults and Higher Education

The approach of our guided tours customized for the group and open to a vulnerable public as well is to delve into the work first and then explore the artist and his or her creative context.

Children and teenagers

School and extra-curricular visits, as of 4 years of age, customized for the participants (age, level and type of education, etc.) and the context of the visit. Renewed educational material for each visit stimulates the eye and sensitivities of younger children (kindergarten, primary school), whilst interaction takes pride of place for visits by teenagers.

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